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Your dog is your child and the center of your world. You make it a priority to experience the best parts of life together, but you know that experiences can be stressful when dogs aren't considered in the process. It's important for you to capture your bond, but you're not sure how to plan a dog-centered session that is effortless and enjoyable.

  • Not sure if all photographers knows how to work with dogs
  • Not sure how to find a dog-friendly location for the session
  • Not sure if you'll capture any good portraits because your dog never looks at the camera
Your dog only gets one short life and you deserve a portrait experience that celebrates your love, emphasizes your incredible bond, and tells your unique story.

It's important to choose a photographer that is more than just a dog-lover and one that goes above and beyond to design your session especially for you. At Kara Mergl Photography, we have an expertly guided, dog-centered process so you can feel confident knowing your dog is at the heart of everything we do.


We were hesitant to book a shoot because our dog, Four, can be shy with strangers. She was really made to feel comfortable though and warmed right up. The vision we had for our images was easily brought to life and we are beyond satisfied.

Brianna and Four

I had such a personalized experience, which is something you don’t usually see with dog photographers. I was guided to make the best decisions about location and image selection. My dog, Peet, loved it and the images came out incredible. We will always cherish them!

Jillian and Peet

My senior dog Charlie recently passed away, so having a last photo session with him and our family was so special. His sweet personality was captured so well and the images were literally picture-perfect.

Liz and charlie



you are always at the center of the experience



Every experience begins with us connecting to get to know each other. I learn about you and your dog, we go over locations, how best to meet your dog’s needs, and everything in between.



I curate your session so that it's tailored to your unique lifestyle. It is designed to prioritize you and your dog’s happiness and make sure you are both comfortable and having fun.



We meet to review your portraits, select the ones you love, and design your custom art pieces to perfectly match your home's aesthetic and ensuring the memory of your dog lives on even after they are gone.

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Your Dog Only Gets One Short Life

As a dog mom you spend your time creating special experiences for you and your dog, but before you know it it’s time to say goodbye. 

This is why every session is personalized and designed to celebrate your love and emphasize the incredible bond you have with your dog.

As a result, you will have portraits that you love and will keep the memory of your dog alive long after they are gone.


Learn More About Our Sessions

To help you and your dog have the best session, I’ve curated some tips for getting great photographs with your dog and put together a Session & Product Pricing Guide.

This will help you learn more about how I can personalize your experience and help you celebrate your love and the bond you have with your dog. 


About Kara Mergl

Just like you, I’ve had the joy of sharing my life with some wonderful dogs!

Time and time again I hear from clients how much it mattered to them to work with a photographer who was not only a dog-lover, but clearly took the time to understand their dog’s needs and prioritize their comfort.

Dogs are our family and should be treated as such! At Kara Mergl Photography, I tell your unique story through personalized portraits and luxury printed art for your home. Every detail of your session is designed just for you. As a photographer with over twenty years of experience, I go beyond taking good photographs and give you and your dog a truly priceless experience.

My clients also tell me that they love having professional portraits they are proud to hang in their homes. This is why I have also prioritized finding and building relationships with the highest quality printers who specialize in luxury products.

Our dogs may only be with us for a brief period, but our love for them can be preserved for a lifetime.

I can’t wait to meet you and your dog.

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